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Valladolid invites . . .

Spanish organisers of Valladolid Veteran Festival just started recently with the promotion of Veteran rugby . . . on June 10th they stage their second veteran rugby event.

Aiming to be more international from year to year they invite four EVRA Club members teams to start with in June . . .

Valladolid is the capital of the Autonomus community of Castile and León, well known historical part of Spain.

There was the location of Europe's first moral debate on the treatment of indigenous people and is the city in which Christopher Columbus died. It was briefly also the capital of Habsburg Spain between 1601 and 1606.

Sport is Nr. 1 in this city . . .Rugby union is the most popular sport in Valladolid.

VRAC and CR El Salvador, with 30 and 27 titles respectively, have dominated Spanish rugby for the last decades.

They play their matches at Estadio Pepe Rojo and the Estadio Nuevo José Zorrilla

Soccer stadium the Nuevo José Zorrilla where Real Valladolid play their home matches, was the venue of the 1982 FIFA World Cup[49]

More information about the Festival you can find under

as well as on EVRA Facebook & European Series 2023

The contact person is Fermin Guerrero

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