EVRA European Series

Under the name LICOR BEIRAO EUROPEAN SERIES sponsored by rugby family José Redondo (Portugal)
2011-2017 and since 2018 under the name
EVRA European Series

EVRA European Veteran Rugby Series, the "chain" of veteran tournaments in very different countries, have already started in 2011 - teams from Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain are traditional tournament organisers.

In 2022 43 rd National UFAR (Toulon, France, June 4 th - 6 th ) contact, President ALAIN DAVID sdc.126championnet@free.fr , as well as Argentina Veterans World Rugby Festival (Buenos Aires, November 7 th – 14 th ), contact Manuel Teran Vega, Managing Director Team Sports Argentina). Both events will make "EVRA Series"even more popular in the Veteran Rugby World. With these numerous veteran events EVRA is following the aim of supporting the development of Rugby in Europe.
At 43 rd UFAR National Festival for the first time ever (since 1980s) will
be allowed also the participation of Teams/Clubs out of France – EVRA
Club/Team members.

EVRA - Europe Selected XV team (established in 2011) is taking part at
different EU Series events and at the European festivals contributing too to the promotion of veteran sports - Rugby in Europe. Europe - EVRA Select XV Team Over 50s had participated, the last time, at Belluno 2019 Festival in Italy. Nowadays EVRA, as the only one legal European Veteran Rugby organisation registered Nr. VR 3541, Tax Nr. 32489/64794), has members/supporters in 28 countries - the members that joined us last years were Reading RFC 1889 London (England), XV Poquelin Pezenas (France), Attica Springboks, Athens (Greece), Funny Peppers - Red City RC El Mari (Russia), Old Blackbeers Rugby Veteranos Cantabria (Spain), Dracula Rugby Verterans Bucharest (Romania), Old FOSSILI Rugby Club Treviglio (Italy), Old Rugby Umbria, Gubbio (Italy), RC Lokomotiv Vets Sofia (Bulgaria), Die Alten Preußen Berlin (Germany), RGH Rugby Vets Heidelberg (Germany), Bad Panda Old Rugby Monza (Italy), XV Baston Vets Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain), Amsterdam Academicals (Netherlands), RC Spakenburg Socials (Netherlands), Sicilian Old Rugby Player Catania (Italy), Hakacopters (France) and Brecon Vets (Wales) . . .


As EVRA Partners joined us in 2018/19 Union Francaise Ancient de Rugby -UFAR (Paris), Howard Hinton Association (France), Aegean Thesaurus Travel Apolonia, Sinfos Islands (Greece), L ´Association Mémoire de Rugby Amiens (France) . . . and from South America - Team Sports Argentina, organisers of Veterans World Rugby Festival (Buenos Aires, November 7th - 14th 2022).We expect in the future to attract even more Veteran Associations/Clubs/Team to join EVRA and its activities . . . and so support our Veteran sport.More details you can find at www.evrugbya.org - Members / Supporters /Partners

Be welcome to join EVRA and support our efforts anytime


Marko Protega,
EVRA Secretary 
European Series Co-Ordinator

EVRA Team Awards



Galicia Old Boys, La Corunha (Spain)



Esztergomi Vitezeki RFC, Esztergom (Hungary)



Il Coyotes, Cernusco Rugby Old (Italy)


Les Independants du BRC, Beauvais (France)

LesIndependants BRC.Bauvais_edited.jpg
Skane Boys.Malmö. Léstragots.Farnham.2015.jpg


Skäne Old Boys Malmö (Sweden)

Le Estragots, Farnham RUFC (England)



I Senatori Virgiliani Rugby Old, Mantova (Italy)

WFSSiedlceRugby. 2017.jpg


WFS Siedlce Rugby (Poland)


Bandar-Log, Marseille (France)



I Fossili Dolomitici Rugby Old, Belluno (Italy)



Amsterdam Academicals RFC (Netherlands)


8th Heidelberger Oldies Frühling

April, 23th | Heidelberg (Germany)

Contact: Kristhian Kalkhof


Events Calendar

Broques Antiques International Veterans Tournament

April, 23th | Isle sur la Sorgue (France)

Thierry Dias


Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-17 um 09.59.09.png

10th Adria Oldies Festival 

April, 30th | Split (Croatia)

Contact: Zoran Derado


Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-15 um 09.43.40.png

Oldie Rugby Meisterschaft

May, 7th | Berlin (Germany)

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-01 um 18.10.38.png

8th Memorial Tournament "Zdenko Jajcevic

May, 14th | Zagreb (Croatia)

Contact: Juraj Perisic


Club secretary:



Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-14 um 11.59.33.png

Veterans XV de Gaulle Event

May, 28th | Athens (Greece)

Contact: Antonis Kioussopoulos


28th Flanders Open Rugby Festival

June, 3rd | Dendermonde (Belgium)

Contact: Gert Van der Stehen



Festival already "sold out"

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-31 um 12.54.33.png

43rd Festival National UFAR

June, 4th | Toulon (France)


Big Celebration of Veteran Rugby 40th Anniversary of Union Francaise Ancient de Rugby (the first time ever EVRA teams are invited to participate) Toulon (France)

Contact: festivaltoulon2022@ufar.fr


poster rugby2021bis.jpg

1st Colosseum Rugby Cup in eternal City

June, 4th | Rome (Italy)

Contact: Fabio Labia


Participation conditions the same as for 2021 Event!

International Black Sea Tournament

(Beach & XV a Side Rugby)

September, 3rd | Nesebar, Black Sea (Bulgaria)

Contact: Georgi Yanev Marinkin


Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-15 um 09.38.59.png

13th Heine-Cup International Veteran Tournament

October, 1st | Berlin (Germany)

Contact: Henning Ohlerich - Ohle


UFAR Ile de France Regional Festival (new)

October, 16th | Triel sur Seine (France)

Contact: Alain-David Hugues


UFAR Grand Lyonnais Regional Festival (new)

October, 16th | Livron (France)

Contact: Alain Boutaric


10° Memorial "Poletti" Rugby Old European Series Event

October, 22nd | Monza (Italy)

Contact: Danilo Sartori


Argentina Veterans World Rugby Festival

November, 14th - 21st 2022 | Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Contact: Manuel Teran Vega, Director Team Sports Argentina




15éme Tournoi international rugby Vététerans

June, date tba | Beuavais (France)

Contact: Fabrice Vandroux



Salami, Salumi & pala ovale, Torneo Rugby Old

October, date tba | Mantova (Italy)

Contact: Alessandro Gobbi


Drapeau 2022.jpg

Auld Alliance Trophy 2022

date tba | Hauts-de-France (France)

Extended RWCC 2023 Hauts-de-France Information at: mRugby2020@gmail.com (Patrick Caublot)