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Keeping the Memory on the Great Rugbyman

Dr. Bosko Kukolj (1937 – 2022) Physician (Pediatrician), Humanist and the great Sportsman from Zenica (Bosnia & Hercegovina) was all his life engaged with Sport, especially with the development of Rugby in this small Balkan country.

As the member of R.K “Celik” since 1980 he became its President in 1981 . . . and remained leading this successful Rugby club till the end of the 1980s.

At the begin of 1990 he became the President of the newly formed Rugby Union of Bosnia & Hercegovina working further on hard on the promotion of Rugby and the last three years of his life he dedicated establishing the new Club “Vitez” in the small town near Zenica.

He “left” all his rugby friends in age of 85, last days of October 2022 . . .

The “team mates” of his generation decided to start organising (every year in the future) International Memorial tournament “Dr. Bosko Kukolj” on the memory of their never tired Friend.

The first event, this month, was only the Memorial Match of RK “Celik” (Blacks vs. Reds teams) in Zenica . . . the invitation to the neighbouring countries went out very late.

This Memorial match was also the occasion to express the great Thanks to their long years Coach Suvad Kapetanovic (1948) . . . this Game was the last - the farewell Match for Suvad (in age of 75) who also, in his long rugby career, have coached National teams of former Yugoslavia as well as the first teams of clubs in Sweden, Czech Republic, Croatia . . .

Take a look at Photo Gallery to get some impressions of this unique event . .

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