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V R K “Vitez” first ever E V R A member from Bosnia . . .

Vitez, the small town in central Bosnia with its Veteran Club became the first ever EVRA member representing their “rugby community” with the intentions to join the international veteran Rugby.

VRK “Vitez” founded in 2017 gathered the players also from the neighbouring vets RC “Wolves of Zenica – 80” and since 2018 and is participating at different traditional veteran tournaments in Zagreb, Split, Sisak, Sinj (all Croatia) and in Belgrade, Starcevo, Rushevo (all Serbia).

Joining EVRA VRK “Vitez” have the intention to start with “their own” event in the near future, trying to make it a traditional place of Veteran Rugby gatherings under Fun & Friendship & Fraternity, well known Motto of World / Eruopean veteran rugby players.

The highlight of their “short existence” was the unforgettable Tahiti Tour . . .

Take the opportunity to take a look at some photos from VRK “Vitez” participation at tournaments in Zagreb (photo 1), Sisak (photo 2), Split (photo 3), Rusanj (photo 4) . . .

EVRA Press

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