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10th Jubilee “Poletti Memorial” Torneo Rugby Old in Monza

“Bad Panda” Rugby Old, veterans of A S D Monza (Italy) have organised their tenth Jubilee Rugby Old Memorial “POLETTI”.

Due to some “technical reasons” this successful Old Rugby event had been held this time on only one playground, what decreased the number of usually participating teams.

Six teams (only from Italy) took part at this year Memorial event – Dragold (Milano), Old Rugby (Lecco), Old West (Verona), Old Kings (Bolzano) and the hosts Bad Panda Rugby Old (Monza).

Tournament organiser Danilo “Tacc” Sirtori reported shortly: “ As usual it was the great day of Rugby Vets under the mild autumn sun. Fun, Fair play and a little bit of athletics dominated this year event . . . “

Well done, this approach “shows” the proper attitude of all players towards our Veteran sport . . . to play for Fun , not having always in mind that it is necessary to win.

Danilo’s report finishes with the words: Ambulance and the medics were completely “unemployed” !

Our President Giulio Cicutto (on left), the Captain Stefano Lubian (on right) and I myself (in the middle, with EVRA plaque) thanking for awarding Bad Pandas . . .)

As usual Bad Panda Rugby Old had been awarded with special made plaque being the organisers of E V R A Series event 2023 . . .

Take a look at events photos, for more details use Face book address

See you next year in Monza. . . .

EVRA Press

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