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Memorial event to remember the Great Rugby man . . .

The 9th Memorial “Zdenko Jajcevic” gathered again many veteran Rugby friends from “all around Zagreb” – Team of “Partizan” RC Belgrade, Sisak Vets, ZVRK Zagreb Vets, Ljubljana - Olympia Oldies, Vitez Over 35 players, “Celik” Zenica Oldies, Ragbi ´59 Oldies Split and the organisers RC “Zagreb” Vets . . . came to honour this Rugby enthusiastic Man.

The opening game had been played Veterani RK Zagreb vs. Partizan Old Boys . . . to be followed by the games of the “mixed” players teams . . . 80 of them all together!

Proper Oldies approach, with lot of Fun & Friendship and mutual respect dominated the whole Event.

At the end of the Tournament, early in the evening, the “Third Halftime” started with the Rugby souvenirs presentation . . . and the plenty of domestic food & drinks and Music, that lasted until “late in the night”.

Special made EVRA Series plagues had been presented to the Oldest Memorial Player – Suad Kapetanovic (75) from Tatra Smichow, Praha (CZ) former coach as well as the coach of “Zagreb” RC, together with Zdenko Jajcevic, founder of this traditional club.

For Suad this Memorial was the last official game of his long years career . . .

European Veteran Rugby Series plaque for the Organisers had been presented by EVRA Croatia Tihomir Vranesevic to RC Zagreb President Vlado Grzanic.

For more details take a look at Memorial Photo – Gallery . . .

EVRA Press

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