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They support EVRA since we started in 2010

EVRA had been founded in October 2010 in Heidelberg………

The first club member was TSV Handschuhsheim Oldies (Heidelberg, Germany) that support

our aims continuously till today, followed by nine further clubs Old RK “Zagreb”-Old Lions

(Zagreb, Croatia), Galicia Boys (La Corunha, Spain), Heidelberger Ruder Club 1872. E.V –

Rugby Oldies (Heidelberg, Germany), RC Lousa Veteranos (Lousan, Portugal), Old Boys

Hungary (Budapest), Esztergomi Vitezeki RFC (Esztergom, Hungary), Dendermonde RC Vets

(Dendermonde, Belgium), Rugby Verband-Baden-Württemberg Oldies (Heidelberg,

Germany) and Sportclub Neuenheim 1902 e.V. (Heidelberg, Germany).

These clubs support also EVRA Select XV Team that exists since 2011 (see the first ever EVRA

Team in Cascais, at the 1 st EVRA European Festival).Thank you for all, also on this occasion…..

Today EVRA has Club members in 29 European countries, with the members varying from

year to year.

If you want to know more about these trust clubs take a look at our Web/MEMBERS

Thank you for supporting our Game.

Hope and wish to see not only these clubs at our 6th European Festival in June 2023-Rugby World Cup year…..

Yours in Rugby,

Marko Protega, Secretary

Executive Board

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