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60 years developing Rugby in Slovenija

It all started in year 1962 when the first rugby game was held in Ljubljana. A little bit later the group of students, who liked rugby very much, established Ljubljana Rugby Club, which soon become the part of 'Želežničarski atletski klub' Ljubljana (ŽAK - athletic club). For the next couple of years club participated in 1st Yugoslavian rugby division and was ranked between 3rd and 6th place. In year 1978 the name of rugby club Ljubljana had changed to Koloys RFC Ljubljanas as in the Koloys Firm took the club, as main sponsor. As the result of this sponsorship better results had been achieved by junior (U19) team. They were once the winner of Yugoslavian cup (1972) and twice become National champions (1974 and 1981).

The biggest success of senior team happened in year 1986, when in the final of Yugoslavian cup 'Maršal Tito'-Ljubljana had beaten Nada RFC from Split 4:3! After that success Koloys Ljubljana became one of the best clubs in competition, and was ranked on the 2nd place.

In year 1991 Slovenia become an independent country. . . .

In this new period rugby went through some difficult times, looking for the new options – how/where to start the new competition . They contacted some clubs from Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, and decided to start in Austrian League.

After several years Koloys Ljubljana united with RFC Bežigrad, Ljubljana, under the new name RFC Green Dragons, took part in Adria League, with Austrian and Croatian clubs (seasons 92/92 and 93/94). RFC Green Dragons was the best team at that times . . . Then in 1995 on the incentive of some Koloys older players the Club “turned” back again as RK LJUBLJANA. Very soon Club found new sponsor DHL, and for the next 3 years they played as R K DHL LJUBLJANA together with Croatian teams in “Jadranska liga” and four times became the champions of this mixed league. Finally in 1995 the Club was renamed in R K Protonavto Ljubljana finding the new Main sponsor . . .and remain unbeaten in the National league.

Now a days Slovenija has only three (3) clubs and is struggling to find the way spread more interest for Rugby in this small country.

After the Rugby Europe game vs. Malta last month Slovenian Rugby celebrated 60 years of the Game. Representatives of all clubs and some guests honoured the pioneers of Rugby in Slovenija, deciding in the same time to find the way of better Rugby development in the future . . .

E V R A European Veteran Rugby Association presented special made plaque to Rugby Zveza Slovenije, the president Ivan Scek, wishing them further success in promoting/ developing our Sport in this part of Europe.

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