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The oldest Veteran rugby team in the World

All these "old boys" started to be involved with Rugby at the begining of the sixties of of the last century at Rugby Club "Nada" Split (Croatia), as the players (national and international), officials, referees, club supporters.

All they contributed that Split rugby club is the most successfull one at Balkan peninsula for the past sixty years (1959 - 2019).

This year is the 60th anniversary of "Nada" RC (1959) and 45th anniversary of "Ragbi ´59" VRC (1974) and the last month all they gathered at the European (EGOR) Festival organised by Split veterans (for the second time since 2002). The "oldest of the Oldies" took part in Over 50´s Festival age category.

Playing Rugby was in the backround . . . the most important was to meet again with all friends from very different countries, "refreshing" the past memories.

Ragbi ´59 OVER 50s team (33 players) had alltogether 2.411 years !

The average age of the players was 73 years . . .At the Team photo, sent for EVRA Webpress by Sinisa Tartaglia, one of the clubs founders, you can imagine the spirit all those rugbymen still have . . .

Front row (sitting from left to right): Ante Perisic (70), Gordan Misetic (73), Ivica Radic (71), Pasko Kolombatovic (71), Tonko Marinkovic (73), Juraj Hrga (70), Ivian Vidis (79), Sinisa Tartaglia (79), Zvonimir Pilic ( 79), Zoran Bilus (78), Mile Kovacevic (77), Cedo Ivanisevic (70).

Second row (standing from left to right): Mario Letica (69), Zeljko Becica (76), Mihovil Bakotic (76), Tonci Ivanisevic (74), Radovan Piplovic (73), Dusko Bartulovic ( 78), Ugljesa Rnjak (71), Ivo Ganza (81), Josko Seravic (76), Tonci Cvitanovic (71), Vjekoslav Arambasic(73).Third row (standing from left to right): Nikica Karara (78), Ilija-Ile Bjelanovic (76), Gorki Blaskovic (75), Zoran Persic (78), Vedran Cindro (74), Nikola Rnjak (81), Igor Mornar (81), Ranko Armanda (74), Marin Silobrcic (81), Petar Bilancic (85).

Happy Anniversary old friends . . . keep on going strong

Marko Protega, E V R A Secretary

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