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50 years of Rugby in Hungary

Mid October Hungarian Rugby Union organised the big celebration of their Sport. The celebrities took place at Kincsem Park where Budapest Rugby Center with the new stadium, have been opened.

Apart from the games of different children teams (from different Hungarian towns), full national sides of Latvia and Hungary presented "good Rugby" that more than 2.000 spectators followed with the often applause . . .

After the invitation of Hungarian Rugby Union to EVRA to take part at the celebrations, and to play the pre-match vs. Hungarian Old Boys, our Hungarian friends have not had to "wait too long" for the confirmation . . .

In spite of the fact that EVRA Select XV Team took part at 5th European Festival in Italy (Belluno) in September, the Team manager Marko Protega (Germany) and the Team Captain Marcos Fierro (Spain) succeeded to field very international group of veteran players (under the name EVRA Internationals Select XV Team) that came to Budapest from Croatia, England, France, Italy, Jamaica, New Zealand, Serbia and Spain.

The quest players from Budapest Exiles were perfect "incorporated" in this very good veteran team . . . as well as RK "Partizan" (Belgrade) veterans did. Old Boys Hungary, with their Team manager Attila Kovacs had been excellent hosts for EVRA players, showing one more time where is the "strenght" of veterans - united under the worldwide motto Friendship & Fraternity & Fun.

As the "small reminder" special made EVRA plaques had been presented to Hungarian Rugby Union and their veteran team Old Boys Hungary.

Next "meeting" for EVRA Select XV veterans is in Messina (Italy) in June 2020 for the occasion of 40th Club Anniversary.

To get some impressions from Budapest take a look at the Photo-gallery, that EVRA got by the courtesy of Hausknecht Daniel (Budapest), official Event photographer.

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