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The first Veterans from Denmark joined EVRA

Fredericia, the small Town, named by its Founder Friedrich III in 1650, was at the begining an important Fortress, controlling the sea-pasage between halfpeninsula Jylland and the Island of Fyn.

Since 1984 Fredericia has the Rugby Club ERRITSOE, well organized with the teams from children to old boys.

FRATRES OVALIBUS - The Oval Brothers (see Team photo), the Club Veterans organized themselves in 2017, started with only 15 old boys players. In more than 10 years the number of the members increased to over 50 (in age from 35 to78). The former players, coaches, officials, supporters, joined the first group, many of them being "out of Rugby" up to 30 years . . .

Ole Bang, the "soul" of the Veterans approached EVRA with the words: We are proud that the members that were the "strangers" for many of us in the Club, are now back inside and became the part of the unique Rugby family, helping to the further development of our rugby comunity.

The "official" part of their wish to start being active in Europe ended with the sentence: "We want to join the European Veteran Rugby Association as the first club from Denmark, and be the part of a great social European rugby network." It was a very smart decision - bringing the former active Club members "back to Rugby", Erritsoe Veterans just "confirmed" that Rugby is not only the sport, but also the the "school" of the Lifetime.

The "Brothers"" organize twice a year a "Gala Dinner", make once a year a "Rugby tour", this May going to Ukraine , to11th Odessa Black Sea Wave Tournament, organized by ORB Veterans, EVRA active member since 2012.

Visiting Odessa, the Veterans from Denmark will "gather the experience" how to organize a successful international tournament with the "third halftime" - their first step on the way to have the "Veteran Rugby Event" of their own . . . as the part of European Veteran Rugby Series. Be welcome to the European Veteran Rugby family EVRA Press

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