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EVRA, The spirit of Rugby

...E.V.R.A. has come to fill that space, that filling we missed. An organization, without any profit spirit, that with a lot of effort has made possible to converge and to gather many clubs and players that missed to play again after some years.

And now we play for the pleasure of sharing some moments, good ones. We care about enjoying our sport, having fun, on the pitch and out of it. To establish new friendships. To know other cities and other cultures. Where to win or not is no longer important.

Galicia Rugby Old Boys is not just a rugby team. It is not only from Galicia area in Spain, although it is known that there are Galicians everywhere around the globe. It is a group of friends made in rugby, who have welcomed many other friends from various clubs, from various cities. And that got very lucky to have the generosity of several people whose work makes possible the organization of all the tournaments.

Each G.R.O.B. tournament is a party. We could write many pages with the anecdotes that we lived over the years, from the beginnings of EVRA in Triste to the different festivals in Esztergom (Hungary), Farham (UK), Sieldlce (Poland) and Belluno (Italy).

Each tournament has been different in many ways. But it has always followed, respected and encouraged the spirit of rugby.

And all this has been thanks to the efforts of a few, so that many of us have been able to enjoy it again.

Congratulations to E.V.R.A. for these 10 years.

All the best from Galicia Rugby Old Boys

La Corunha, Spain

Marcos Miguel Fierro Garcia

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