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The First UFAR - EVRA European Series Tournament ever held in Pontarlier

The first UFAR/EST - EVRA European Series Tournament ever, called TROPHY JOEL DUBOIS, took place on April 13th in PONTARLIER. (France)

Organised by the host club Le XV de l' Absinthe PONTARLIER and UFAR EST Commité this Event attracted seven more teams to come to this small Rugby town at the French - Swiss border to enjoy their favourite Game - Les RUGBYTURES de GRAY, Les HARLEQUINZE d' AUXONNE, Les VIEUX CEPS de BUXY, Le XV de l' ART'ROSE DOLE, Les DONOSAURES de LONS LE SAULNIER, Les ARLEQUINS 71, MACON, and BISONQUINZE, BESANCON.

Appropriate weather, excellent facilities, the real "Rugby Old" atmosphere made the "Winners", the veterans of Arlequins 71, Macon (black jerseys) as well as the other teams very satisfied with this first mutual attempt of UFAR and EVRA to widen European Veteran Rugby acitivities . . . organising such events "all over Europe".

Les ARLEQUINS 71 (Macon) had been awarded by UFAR EST shield and EVRA Eurropean Series plaque . . . as the "small" reminder on this typical Rugby day.

Take a look at the Photo Gallery send for EVRA News by Jean-Marie Martinez, UFAR National Treasurer and one of the Tournament organisers . . .

EVRA Press

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