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Rudi Eberle - the Chronicle of Rugby

Rudolf Silvester Eberle (named Rudi), Heidelberg/Germany (December 31, 1927 to July 3rd, 2020) was one of E V R A founders and the individual member/sponsor since the very begining in 2010.

He left us in age of 92 years.

In 1945 Rudi started to play Rugby and had impressive 262 appearances for the 2nd team of "his S C N" (Sportclub Neuenheim 1902), very often as the Team Captain.

His last game, as golden oldie player, was in Johannesburg (South Africa) in 1995

vs. The Diggers RFC Randburg.

Very early he developed his talent to "make the notices about our Sport", the passion that not vanished for more than 60 years - Rudi (as "re") wrote his articles and reports (alltogether more than 20.000!) for German Rugby Newspapers (Deutsche Rugby-Zeitung and Deutsches Rugby-Journal), Heidelberg Newspaper Rhein-Neckar Zeitung and was the Chronicle of his Rugby Club/German Rugby, reported about World Rugby Cups, the most of them he personally visited . . .

As the only SCN Club member Rudi was presented with the Golden Badge of Honour with briliants in 1978.

All his life he was ready to help, not only our Sport but his former school - Bunsen Gymnasium, Neuenheim Förderverein (Friends Association), German "Club of 100" and as the co-founder of the German Rugby Museum.

He "left" us unexpectedly . . . leaving us to think about "the wonderful life he had".

E V R A Press

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