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Not so long ago EVRA reached this encouraging message from our Polish rugby friends, well done . . .

Hello Marko , I am sorry for not speaking for so long, but the times we have, many things were difficult . . .

But I also have good news, we managed to organize the Polish Veterans Championships in Poznań, on October 3rd 2020 .

Five teams finally managed to start.

The rest who failed to come with their teams came individually and joined the other teams.

We also hosted a few players from other countries, such as France(5) , Germany(4) , Serbia(2), they played with our teams.

The formal issue : the Polish Veterans Champion 2020 is Juwenia Kraków team, the second place was taken by Lechia Gdańsk

and the third was the host of the Tournament - Rugby Old Boys Club Poznań (R.O.C. Poznań).

The other teams that participated were VIS Siedlce and Orkan Sochaczew.


Pawel Borowski Polish Rugby Veterans

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