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BAD PANDAS MONZA and their Memorial Poletti

Monza Rugby veterans “Bad Pandas” were one of the few that organised their traditional Memorial “Poletti” in spite of Covid-19 pandemic that still lasts.

Team manager Danilo Sirtori sent us this short report for Web News:

The 8th Memorial Poletti took place as planned in our Town.

It wasn't easy because many teams have not yet begun the season and the teams coming from abroad couldn't confirm due to Covid restrictions. That's why it has been reduced to the national level - four Italian teams Orche Recco, Dragold Milano, Angry Pigs (a franchise from Brescia, Piacenza and Milan) and Bad Pandas., of course . . .

The Angry Pigs “won”, does it really matter?

Not at all . . . what really matters is that it has been the great day of Rugby.

Fair but intense matches and a great afterparty with a vibrant djset.

See you next year . . . in the full, international edition.

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