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Memorial Poletti, Old Rugby Torneo 2022

Danilo Sirtori – “Tacc – Priscilla” Team Manager of Monza (Italy) veterans sent the following “Report” for Veteran players all over Europe:

“No fear because of some rain in the morning. As usual, the tournament has been blessed by the sun . . .

8 teams coming from 6 different Italian regions have happily, proudly and fairly played 4 matches each.

Meanwhile, around the "battlefield" players and guests could rest enjoying Shatsu treatments, street food and craft beers.

Our tournament has a tradition: who wins, or better said, who make more points, is awarded of a painting (Photo Nr 1) by our artist Andrea Carvelli and shall come back the year after to defend it.

Well - for the very first time in 9 editions, the painting remains at home !

During the great afterparty, Giulio Lozzino, spending all day long on the field, celebrated his 70th birthday.

Although there was no “competition” for the Oldest player, enclosed photo (Nr. 2) is a “small”reward for Giulio” . . . Happy Birthday from EVRA too.

Two more “shots” (Photos Nr. 3 and 4) to feel a little bit “Tournament atmosphere” . . .

EVRA Press

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