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European Ambassadors for Argentina World Festival

Team Sports Argentina (Buenos Aires) and European Veteran Rugby Association are co-operating as Partners since 2020.

Argentinian organiser stage their traditional World Festival “Argentina Classics” this November with the intention to be international as ever before . . .

More about the Festival at

On the initiative of the Managing Director Manuel Terán Vega, Veteran Rugby Ambassadors had been nominated in different countries, to promote this event in Europe.

For European Veteran Rugby Association (EVRA) this honour had been given to Marko Protega, very experienced Rugby man, who is also one of EVRA founders and actual Secretary of this European Association.

At the moment being the following Ambassadors had been nominated in European countries (EVRA members): for Denmark (Sweden and Norway) Ole Bang, Team Manager of “Fratres Ovalibus”- Veterans of Fredericia RC, for Germany Ohlerich Henning - Ohle, Team Manager of “Alte Preussen” (Berlin), for Italy (Nord) Rosario Biunno, EVRA Representative from Milano . . .

Invitation to nominate Rugby Ambassadors have got also EVRA most active club members in Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Portugal and France (UFAR).

The first impressions about this biggest South America veteran rugby event the Ambassadors will get visiting Buenos Aires this November . . . together with Amsterdam Academicals veterans, the only one team entered from Europe . . . The Academicals are actual holder of EVRA European Festival the most precious award – Jeff Butterfield Trophy and will represent EVRA in Buenos Aires.

More about the Rugby Ambassadors and their function at

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