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5th EVRA European Festival "Belluno 2019"

Veterans from Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Wales (UK), Ukraina and the host country Italy entered European Festival.

To the organisers I Fossili Dolomitici Old Rugby Club from Belluno got enorm support from Region and Town of Belluno, Federazione Italiana Rugby - Referees Association and of course from numerous partners & sponsors.

The Games will be played in two age categories UNDER 50s and OVER 50s.

Festival will start on September 5th at Piazza dei Martiri (old town centre) and will end on September 8th with great Gala Dinner in old Pedavena Brewery, with the Awarding Ceremony and a "lot of Italian specialities, with well known beer".

For the first time the Oldest Festival Player will be awarded with the new Challenge Cup - "Fritz Ueberle Sr. Trophy" (see Photo) that had been donated by this Rugby gentleman from Heidelberg, who spent 60 years actively helping the development of our Sport in "his" Club Rudergesellschaft Heidelberg 1898 e.V. that this year celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Take a look at Photo Gallery - Teams playing at Belluno Festival . . .

Be welcome and enjoy your Game and Italian hospitality,

Marko Protega, EVRA Secretary

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