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150 years of Heidelberger Ruderklub (1872 – 2022)

The oldest Rugby club in Germany – HRK 1872 e.V. with their “Rugby Abteilung” celebrated on May 9th 150th Anniversary of their “Sports club” Heidelberger Ruderklub.

The celebration took place in the Clubhouse in Heidelberg and have ended with the big

“Anniversary ball” at the well-known Town Castle, that dominates the whole Town on the

river Neckar.

HRK Oldies made a small “pre-celebration” tour to Split (Croatia) where they played versus

oldies of “Rugby ´59”,Veterans of “NADA” RFC, known as the most successful rugby club at

Balkan peninsula. HRK oldies enjoyed their hospitality with usual “Third Halftime”and have returned home “safely”….

Take some impressions from that “Tour” sent to EVRA Press by Uwe Treiber, Team Manager

of HRK Oldies.

For this great Anniversary E V R A have made and had presented the special made 150th

Anniversary plaque to HRK rugby players.

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