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Modest Adria Festival 2024 . . .

As usual Ragbi`59 organised also in this year their ADRIA FESTIVAL to honour St. Dujam, Town patron.

This time the whole Event was also the “sport part” of the celebration of 50th Veteran Club Anniversary (1974 – 2024).  

This Festival edition was surprisingly very modest, only two teams played just one game !

Veterans of Split “measured” their strength versus International XV team, composed of the players from Bosnia & Hercegovina (RK Vitez, RK Celik) and  Croatia (RK Sinj, RK Zagreb) under the refereeing of Petra Druskovic (Split).

The “Third Halftime” took more time than “5 matches” all together and had begun with team’s captains toast, exchanging of the clubs sport souvenirs  . . . ending late in the night.

EVRA Secretary Marko Protega presented special made “EVRA Teams Award 2024” plaque to the Club President Sinisa Tartaglia, transmitting the “Words of thanks” and congratulations from the Executive Board for the “Half of Century” of hard work on promoting and maintaining  Rugby as extraordinary Sport in Croatia and wider . . .


Take a look at enclosed “Photo Gallery”. . .


EVRA Press

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