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50th Anniversary of VRK Ragbi’59 Split

On February 24 th , the day when Ragbi’59 had been founded in 1974, Anniversary assembly

had been held in Split attended by many Club’s generations and rugby friends from very

different “destinations”.

The idea to found a “veteran club” was born 15 years after Rugby Club “Nada” (1959) started its successful “way of Rugby Life”. Those players of the first Nada generation did not want to “stop” playing their favourite Game, so Ragbi’59 was “born” ….

The members of the first Club Board were-Ivo Ganza (president)one of “Nada” founders in

1959, Leo Antonini (vice-president) long years Nada 1 st Team captain, Zeljko Dvornik

(secretary), the first ever “Nada” National side player (1961), and Kajo Krstulovic (Coach),

one of “Nada” internationals that played for the first ever Yugoslav National side in 1968

that played in Split vs. Czech National side.

Ragbi’59 activities were at the begin friendly and promotional games in different towns.

These games followed mostly the foundation of a Rugby club in the towns where this sport

was “not known”. In 1986 Ragbi’59 organised the first ever Veteran Tournament with the

participation of the “same age category” former players from Zagreb, Makarska and


The first participation at EGOR European Festivals was in 1994 in Heidelberg, to follow with

Verona 1996 (Italy), Split 2002 when Ragbi’59 was Festival organiser, Trieste 2012(Italy),

Prague 2013(Czech Republic), San Sebastian 2015(Spain), Lisboa 2017(Portugal) and 2019

when Split veterans were for the second time the Organisers of this European event.

In 2002 in Split, during the Festival, the founding meeting of EGOR took place, one of two

existing European Veteran Rugby associations.

Especially long tradition Ragbi’59 vets have with RK “Zagreb” old rugby players. Both teams

have played quite a lot of promotional games all over Croatia that contributed to the further

development of this sport. Zagreb vets organize (since 2011) Memorial Tournament “Zdenko

Jajcevic” and the Split rugby friends are always “part” of this already traditional veteran


Ragbi’59 also Member of E V R A (European Veteran Rugby Association) will be awarded on

this occasion with the special made “EVRA plaque” for the long-term contribution to the

Veteran sports generally.

EVRA plaque will be officially presented by Marko Protega, Secretary European Veteran

Association (one of the first players of Nada 1959 generation players) to Sinisa Tartaglia

(President since) and Zoran Derado (Team Manager) at their International ADRIA Oldies

Festival in Split, May 4 th 2024.

EVRA Press

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